If you were watching BBC’s Watchdog last night I expect you were as horrified as I was that branches of major pub chains are still serving ice in drinks that is a health risk to the public.

The programmes under cover team, the Swab Mob, visited a total of 50 pubs made up of 10 each run by J D Wetherspoon, Slug & Lettuce, Harvester, Hungry Horse and Two for One. They were looking for harmful bacteria known as coliforms and, in particular, faecal coliforms.

Shockingly, 23 of the 50 ice samples were found to have high levels of bacterial contamination with 4 of those containing the dreaded faecal coliforms.

All of the chains were contacted by the programme and they promised to investigate and revisit hygiene processes and procedures with their staff. Rules and regulations are all very well but they need to be implemented by the staff and management on the ground in the actual pubs.

This is not a new issue. It is something which I have highlighted before in my blogs and in our printed newsletter,Cool Times. Ice is a food stuff and should always be treated as such with hygiene a top priority. The health of customers should be paramount at all times.

You can watch the programme for a limited time on iPlayer here.

In the mean time, I need a drink. No ice, thanks.

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