Introducing TKR’s Brand New Trapped Person Alarm Kit

One of the most overlooked dangers of working in or around freezer cold rooms is the possibility of getting trapped inside. I know this all too well as it happened to one of our staff.

If a freezer cold room is running at -18oC then, due to the wind chill factor of the evaporator fans blowing, the actual air temperature may well be closer to -23oC. At these temperatures there is a real risk to life as hyperthermia and frostbite can set in within just twenty minutes exposure.

One of our engineers was servicing a freezer cold room located on a farm in the Cotswolds. He closed the sliding door behind him as he went in to maintain the room temperature but, unfortunately, the door bounced off its bottom runner and became jammed.

Due to the location the mobile phone signal was very poor and our engineer had great difficulty getting a signal. After ten minutes or so he was able to make a call and someone came along to release him.

If he had not been able to make that call it could have been hours before someone found him, by which time it may well have been too late.

This got me thinking seriously about how the problem could be avoided and we have come up with our own TKR Trapped Person Alarm kit. We are campaigning to have all our customers introduce them to prevent what is a potentially life-threatening situation from arising.

If you would like more information about TKR’s Trapped Man Alarm kits give us a call on 01452 739483 and we will explain how they work.