Counter Fridges and Freezers

Also known as under counter refrigerated cabinets. There are three types which are fridge, freezer and meat counters.

You can choose a number of options of door and draw combinations and there will be something to suit almost every ones needs.

If you do have a height restriction there is a low level option.


Undercounter 1 Door 9 Drawers Fridge
Undercounter 2 Door Fridge Freezer Or Meat
Undercounter 2 Door Fridge With Glass Doors 350
Undercounter 4 Door Fridge Freezer Or Meat
Undercounter 4 Door Fridge Saladette With Cover
Roll In Cabinet Blast Chiller
Modular Blast Chiller Or Freezer
Multi Deck Small
Multi Deck Large
Multi Deck With Doors
Multi Deck With Shutter
Multi Deck Doors