Ice Machines

There are two types of ice maker; Modular and Integral.

Modular will allow you to purchase a smaller ice maker and pair it with a large storage bin.

Integral means the bin is already a part of the ice maker. You can choose a machine to produce different shaped ice e.g. cubed, crescent, pebbles or flakes.

N.B. It is most important to have a water filter in line with your ice machine. Without a water filter as ice is produced the remaining cold water in the machine becomes more and more concentrated with calcium etc. These calcium deposits on the components inside the ice maker, putting a coating on the evaporator and causing pumps to fail.

More electricity is required to produce ice when the evaporator is coated with scale and eventually an expensive service call will be required, which is chargeable.

It is recommended the filter is changed every six months.


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