Did you know that plastic strip curtains can save you money? From the conversations I have with some of our customers, lots of people don’t!

Plastic PVC strip curtains are usually found in cold rooms, industrial walk-in fridges and freezers. The idea is a simple one. The curtains act as a barrier which keeps the cold in and the heat out whenever the doors are open.

Strip curtains have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, too, minimising temperature variations which results in efficiency through energy savings. Energy saved means money saved, of course.

In addition, they can also be used in doorways to separate working areas in factories or as a health and safety method preventing insects from entering, adding effective pest control to heat retention.

External PVC strip curtains are also available. As these are intended for outdoor use they are heavy duty, with greater overlap and usually more weighty.

All the curtains we recommend are low maintenance and easily installed. By far their greatest advantage is the amount of money that can be saved due to the reduced heat loss.

If you want to investigate how you can save money by installing plastic strip curtains, please call us on 01452 739483 and we’ll be happy to help.