I am pleased to see that we may finally have put the bad weather of the winter behind us as temperatures start to rise and we see a bit of sunshine. Before you know, it we will be in the middle of summer.

What we tend to find is that all of a sudden the temperatures really soar and – guess what? Everybody wants to get their air conditioning system serviced or checked out.

This usually results in a lot of jobs building up for our engineers as they try to keep everybody happy with one or two customers getting a little hot under the collar, sometimes quite literally.

This year you could do yourselves and us a favour. Rather than wait until the heatwave (hopefully) hits, why not call us in to service your air conditioning system now? That way, when the heat really is on, you can keep your cool and wear a rather smug look, knowing that your premises has fully functioning air conditioning set to see you through the steamy summer months.

I will be pleased to chat through your options, so do give me a call today on 01452 739483 to see what we can do for you.