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Purchasing a Cold Room represents a massive investment. Not only is the initial purchase price substantial but there are also the subsequent running costs to be taken into account.

TKR are experienced in supplying Cold Rooms and also have the expertise to make recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your room. Here are a few considerations to be taken into account:

There are some excellent shelving systems available. Additional storage capacity means you can carry more stock and this can lead to extra sales.

Replacing hardware
Broken or damaged hinges, handles and gaskets can prove to be expensive as the cold lost makes the room less efficient resulting in increased running costs. It can also prove to be a hazard – opening or closing a door may become dangerous. In the long run, the minor cost of replacing a simple hinge today may avoid the major expense of replacing an entire door tomorrow.

PVC chiller strip curtains
You can reduce your running costs dramatically by installing PVC strip curtains. They have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, minimising temperature variations resulting in efficiency through energy savings .

Let us use our 35 years of experience to help you get the most efficient Cold Room possible.

* Important EU Emissions Regulations *
Climate changing gasses can be found in most equipment so if you have refrigeration and/or air conditioning systems, you will have new statutory obligations. Follow this link to find out how we can help.

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