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If you are a commercial food or leisure outlet, it is likely that dishwashers and glasswashers are vital equipment for you. TKR have over 35 years of experience of installing and maintaining these machines so we can be relied upon to provide expert information and recommendations.

There are many types available but we tend to specialise in the compact models, with basket sizes ranging from 350mm to 500mm.

It is most important to have a water softener in line with your dishwasher/glasswasher. Without a water softener the machine becomes more and more concentrated with limescale. This limescale deposits on the components inside the dishwasher/glasswasher, scaling up the internal mechanics. This in turn will lead to the machine having to work harder and use more detergent and possibly eventual machine component failure.

Our experienced staff will supply a free, no obligation survey and estimate. If you choose us we can also:

• Provide a timed delivery at a day and time to suit yourself
• Fully install your equipment, with as little disruption as possible, and remove all packaging for recycling, where possible
• Remove and environmentally dispose of any old equipment and provide traceable documentation

* Important EU Emissions Regulations *
Climate changing gasses can be found in most equipment so if you have refrigeration and/or air conditioning systems, you will have new statutory obligations. Follow this link to find out how we can help.

Explore our website for details of how we can help you or call us now on 01452 739483.

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