I know it is the season for summer sports, but our serve-overs are not to be found at Wimbledon or Lords.

When we talk about serve-overs, we are referring to the type of counters you often find in cafes, self-service restaurants, motorway services or works canteens. They are particularly useful for serving up fresh produce such as meat, dairy, sandwiches, rolls, prepared salads and deli items.

Our range of high quality products include effective lighting and offers sloping, curved or flat glass display designs, ideal for reach-in and self-serve service.

Serve-overs can also be fitted with counter tops to allow for preparation and with rear access doors to allow products to be easily placed in the unit.

Our range, as you would expect, includes some of the most respected makes and highest quality models.

TKR have over 35 years of experience of dealing with refrigeration and catering equipment in the Gloucester area. If you need help or advice, feel free to give us a call on 01452 739483.