But TKR like a challenge!

We were contacted recently by Stuart Turner, General Manager of Morgan Associates in Cheltenham. They are one of the leading Letting and Management companies in the area and have been since they were first established in 1965.

Stuart picks up the story. “We occupy a magnificent Grade II Regency listed building in the heart of Cheltenham but it is not without its problems. Primarily, the main ground floor showroom and office is south facing and has lots of glass. During the summer it can be like an oven, to the extent that by around 3:30pm our staff are visibly wilting.

“We have had several firms look at the possibilities of installing air conditioning over the years but none came up with a viable solution. The best we could manage were portable units which were extremely noisy and far from satisfactory.

“When one of these units broke down we asked TKR to see if they cold repair it. Whilst in our office looking at the unit the engineer asked if we had considered installing air conditioning and I explained what we had been told.

“Incredibly, the engineer said he thought he could solve it and offered us a price that seemed fair.

“The week of the installation turned out to be the hottest of the year! Within two days, however, the system was installed and fully operational. What a difference it has made. Unlike our old units, you can hardly hear a thing when it is turned on and the atmosphere in the office has been completely changed.

“The engineer explained how the system operated and left us with clear instructions. I was especially pleased to get a follow up visit a few weeks later, checking that everything was working to our satisfaction.”

As I said, we like a challenge. The problem was that it was not possible to fix condensers externally. However, we got round this by installing them in the cellar and venting them through grilles. Thinking outside the box saved the day.

Last word to Stuart:
“I was very impressed with the whole set up at TKR. I have no hesitation recommending them.”