We may no longer have the ideal temperature debate with our colleagues, but for couples or housemates now working together from home, the battle over being ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ continues…

Before the masses swapped their daily commutes and morning Starbucks for slippers to work and meetings via zoom, it was common for employees to disagree over the optimum temperature of the office. However, now that many of us have settled into our home offices for the foreseeable future, we may be making the mistake of having the house too warm (or too cold) and affecting our productivity.

For example, being too hot can make you feel sluggish and affect your brains processing speed. Yet if you are already feeling stressed you can be even more sensitive to chilly outside temperature, making it harder for you to concentrate when you’re at your desk.


Does the ideal temperature exist?

There has been several studies that have determined the ideal office temperature to be between 21-22°C. The temperature should be comfortable enough that you can sit with ‘normal’ office clothing on and not feel hot or cold.

In fact, if the temperature is hot outside then the office shouldn’t actually differ too much. You should avoid extreme shifts in temperature.


Not all home workplaces are used as offices.

Typically, when we talk about the ideal workplace temperature, we are referring to offices, or home offices. However, that isn’t the only workplace to exist in our homes.

Home salons, gyms and studios all require different temperatures. For example, a home gym whether for personal or business use should be between 16-18°C. However, low impact exercise such as yoga or Pilates should be warmer, even up to 24°C.


How do you maintain the perfect temperature?

Implementing effective air conditioning and heating systems are vital to maintaining control over these temperatures. Purchasing a heat pump system to regulate the temperature in your working environment, whatever your work may be, makes sense, particularly if this is a standalone building or garage.

It’s much more cost effective than heating an entire house for one room. It also provides more flexibility in temperature to suit the style of work you do.

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