We are known for our expertise in refrigeration, after all, it is in our name – TK Refrigeration! Something many of our customers come to us about is something known as Exopolysaccharide, which can be nasty stuff!

Although its technical term doesn’t give away the problem, Exopolysaccharide is something refrigeration engineers encounter on a regular basis. It is a bacterial slime that unfortunately grows in the condensate tray of chiller units and it is common cause of blown fan motors, refrigerator leaks and can pose a risk to people’s health.

If spotted, it can be dealt with by a thorough cleaning. However, this is usually only a temporary remedy and can eventually cause blockages and leaks.

Did you know up to 11 million bacteria can be living in just a single millimetre of condensate slime?

This is why it is vital to clean your chiller cabinet regularly and get it professionally serviced on a regular basis.

We have put together a list of three quick and easy steps to return your chiller to optimum condition!

  1. Clean away the Exopolysaccharide. Chemical hydrolysis should be used to break the long chains of polysaccharide.
  2. Kill all the microbes. Many of the bacteria found in chiller cabinets are naturally resistant, so agents should be effective on bacteria, algae and mould.
  3. Protect the tray from regrowth. The condensate should be treated as it flows through the tray and down into the drain using a slow-release agent to stop the microbes from growing back.

If you are having a problem with recurrent slime in your chiller cabinets, give us a call today on 01452 739483 or head to our Contact Us page.