Imagine: You’re in a large industrial freezer, organising stock or conducting routine checks. Without warning, the door clicks shut behind you. Darkness engulfs you, temperatures plunge, and your heart races. This is not a scene from a thriller; it’s a real-life danger some face in the UK. The answer? TKR’s groundbreaking trapped person alarms.

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The Grim Reality of Cold Entrapment

Cold environments are unrelenting. The human body, though resilient, struggles immensely in freezing conditions. Hypothermia, where the body’s core temperature drops to critical levels, can strike quickly. In mere minutes, an individual can lose motor functions, become disoriented, and if not rescued, face a tragic end.

Case Study: Pret A Manger Health and Safety Breach


Background: Pret A Manger, a prominent UK-based sandwich and coffee shop, faced a grave incident when one of its employees was inadvertently trapped inside a walk-in commercial freezer for over two and a half hours at their Victoria Coach Station outlet in 2021. The internal temperature of these freezers is usually set to -18°C. The trapped employee, in a bid to keep warm, had to resort to tearing up a cardboard box of croissants, aiming to use it as a makeshift shelter against a cold-air ventilator. When discovered by a colleague, the employee was in a deeply distressed state, showing symptoms of suspected hypothermia.

Issues Identified:

  1. Lack of Proper Risk Assessment: Investigations post the incident revealed a significant flaw in Pret’s health and safety procedures. There was no suitable risk assessment in place for employees working in such cold environments.
  2. Recurring Malfunction: Pret’s internal reporting system indicated multiple incidents relating to defective or frozen push buttons in the preceding 19 months. A similar incident occurred at the same location in January 2020, where an employee was trapped inside a freezer because the internal door release mechanism was dysfunctional.
  3. Violation of Health and Safety at Work Act: Pret A Manger was found guilty of violating the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, leading to their trial at Westminster Magistrates Court.


The sandwich chain was slapped with a hefty fine of £800,000 for the mishap, underlining the magnitude of the breach. The case acted as a reminder to businesses about the severe consequences that can arise from neglecting basic safety measures.

Pret A Manger publicly expressed deep remorse for the incident, assuring that they’ve undergone a comprehensive review and have taken steps to rectify the problem to prevent any future recurrence. They have also revamped their existing systems to bolster safety processes and have fully cooperated with Westminster City Council during the investigation.


While Pret A Manger is a well-established brand in the UK, this incident showcased that even reputable companies can falter in ensuring employee safety if they become complacent. As businesses, it’s imperative to constantly review and enhance safety measures and protocols, particularly when previous incidents act as red flags. Public trust can be hard to regain once tarnished, and this case study acts as a poignant reminder of the real-world implications of lapses in health and safety measures.

Read the BBC News story about the incident here.

Startling UK Data

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK periodically releases data on workplace accidents. Their findings regarding cold storage entrapments are alarming. Numerous incidents over the years indicate that workers across the UK, from Glasgow to Cardiff, have been trapped in these freezing chambers. A recurring theme in these tragedies? An absence of effective communication tools.

TKR’s Trapped Person Alarms: The Beacon of Hope

TKR’s trapped person alarms are more than just devices; they’re potential lifesavers. With each passing second being crucial, these alarms act swiftly. Designed with sophisticated yet user-friendly technology, once activated, they send an immediate distress signal to the relevant personnel or central system, ensuring timely interventions.

The Imperative Need for These Devices

From a business perspective in the UK, the merits are undeniable. Protecting human life is paramount, but there are also legal implications, potential reputation damage, and financial liabilities to consider. A small investment in TKR’s devices can safeguard businesses from these unforeseen setbacks.

In conclusion

In the cold, silent confines of a freezer, cries for help might fade away, but the sound of TKR’s trapped person alarms won’t. In a world where dangers can be unforeseen, isn’t it worth securing an environment that promises safety and peace of mind?

Act now, before another preventable tragedy strikes. Let TK R’s alarms be the guardians in the cold because the line between life and death can sometimes be as brittle as ice.


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