I don’t know if you have heard of Jolly Nice farm shop and café.

It was originally started in 2013, when the Gloucester born owners Simon and Rebecca Wilson parked up an American Airstream camper on the site of an old petrol station and started selling coffee and snacks from it.

To say it has gone from strength to strength is both a cliché and an understatement!

You will have a job recognising the original petrol station now at the site at Frampton Mansell near Stroud as it has been slowly engulfed by vegetables, wooden cladding and plants. You will also see a hotchpotch of wooden buildings and a couple of yurts built by a local craftsman. Beyond is a picnic meadow, home to rare breed sheep and Shorthorn cattle.

Specialising in local and home grown produce, Simon and Rebecca offer organic fruit and vegetables, dairy produce, honey, fish, meat, bread and more.

TKR became involved when they contacted us to say they were having problems with their fridges and display counters. We made several recommendations which have been taken on board leading to efficient and cost effective solutions.

As an example, they were looking for a way of maintaining ambient temperatures for their cheese counters. We were able to suggest specialist counter strip curtains which worked perfectly for them, as well as looking good.

To get a real taste for this jolly nice place visit their website here.

Better still drop in and sample their wares. I think you know what you will think of them!