I have mentioned our great Personnel Alarm Systems before, if you remember. They are designed to keep staff safe when they are working in walk-in cold rooms and the like.

We’ve found they have been selling very well but we were a little surprised to get a request for a quote – from a company in the Falkland Islands!

Mandy from our office picks up the story:

“I received the email request below asking for details about the trapped personnel alarm.

We are currently upgrading our walk-in chiller/freezer units and we would like to install a “trapped personnel alarm system” to ensure the safety of our staff. Rather than have five individual units we would like to have a central alarm (audible and visual) linked to five panic buttons.

The chillers/freezers are all within close proximity (drawings can be provided if required) so what we need to know is whether there is a system available and would TKR be able to provide it?

I went back to him and recommended he have 1 x full trapped personnel alarm kit and 4 x additional push buttons. He accepted the quote and ordered the kit which was duly sent out to them.”

I can safely say that was the furthest delivery we have ever made!