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If your equipment is not working properly then it is costing you money unnecessarily.

• Faulty equipment is less energy efficient, uses more power and so costing more to operate
• Equipment breakdowns can lead to loss of stock and business
• Neglecting maintenance today can lead to hefty replacement bills tomorrow
• Failure to provide proof of equipment maintenance can lead to invalidation of insurance claims

We can offer a variety of maintenance solutions – simply choose the one that is most effective for you:

Deep Cleaningair conditioning filters before after 1
On occasion your equipment may require a thorough deep clean to really get it working at maximum efficiency. You can request this or we may make a recommendation as a result of a maintenance visit.

Reactive Maintenance
Rather than have a contract you can simply request that we attend to deal with specific issues as they arise. Our engineers are trained and equipped to diagnose and repair faulty equipment on the spot in most instances.

Maintenance Contracts
Our expert engineers visit your site twice a year and carry out a thorough clean and examination of your equipment. They will report to you any problems they find and recommend replacement parts where necessary.

Planned Maintenance
Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is an approach many of our customers prefer to take in reducing the risk of having issues with their Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.  Like many things, should you just leave your equipment to run day in day out without checking it, it will sooner or later breakdown and as a result it can leave you with loss of stock, a large stock bill and lost revenue.  For example - a blocked condenser can cause the compressor to work twice as hard and this in turn increases the possibility of more wear and tear on the equipment with the energy consumption also being increased. Having one PPM visit per year can reduce the chance of your equipment failing.

Here's the reason why you should have a Maintenance Contract ... 

reasons to have maintenace

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* Important EU Emissions Regulations *
Climate changing gasses can be found in most equipment so if you have refrigeration and/or air conditioning systems, you will have new statutory obligations. Follow this link to find out how we can help.

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