We know that if something goes wrong with your refrigeration or air conditioning system, it can be a disaster for your business.

It is often difficult to tell if your equipment is operating at less than 100% efficiency. You may not be aware that there is a blocked condenser, for example. The compressor will operate twice as hard to compensate but this will lead to further wear and tear and increase the amount of energy consumed, thus costing you more money.

Eventually, it will fail and you run the risk of lost stock which will need to be replaced. That’s more money spent and you may also have the added risk of lost custom while the equipment is replaced.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) means we can solve this problem before it happens. We will arrange to visit your site at a pre-arranged date and time once a year to carry out a thorough assessment of your refrigeration equipment or air conditioning system. That way we can identify any likely problems before they occur.

Feel free to contact TKR to arrange for one of our specialists to provide you with a free, no obligation site survey and estimate.

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