We have air conditioning in our cars, offices, gyms and shops. Why not in our homes?

With temperatures rising above 37 degrees last year, the 31st July reaching one of the hottest days on record, it exposes homeowners every year to the poor design in UK houses when it comes to keeping us cool.

Many people invest in their homes to keep heat in, such as cavity wall insulation, but how many of us think about those sweltering summers and restless nights with just the whirring of a fan to cool us down.

That’s where air conditioning can provide the perfect solution.

Portable Units

If at first, you’re unsure about investing in a permanent air conditioning unit, then we suggest purchasing a portable air con unit.



  • Between £200 – £600
  • Can be transported around the house



  • Can be bulky and require floor space in the room
  • Often noisy
  • Some require you to empty a water bucket


Permanent Air Conditioning Unit

If the summer heat and stuffiness of your home is just too much to bear, then think about installing a permanent air conditioning unit.


  • Most effective method for cooling an entire room
  • Don’t need to lug it from room to room
  • No noise
  • Remote control


  • Prices start at around £995 for installation
  • Maintenance is required
  • Higher energy bills


Have you considered home climate control?

How would you feel if we told you there was an option to both heat and cool your home with one device?

The heat pumps installed by T K Refrigeration do just that! To discover more about this solution visit https://www.tkrefrigeration.co.uk/heat-pumps-and-air-conditioning/.

For information on heat pumps and air conditioning for your home office or workplace give us a call on 01452 739 483.