A commercial glasswasher is invaluable for those working in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pubs. Used to wash glasses only, these machines do everything including cleaning, rinsing and drying glasses. Being such an essential piece of equipment, it is important to use and care for your glasswasher correctly to ensure your glasses come out clean after each use, and that you don’t damage your equipment.


Check the operational temperature

Make sure your equipment is set at the right temperature for both washing and rinsing. If the temperature is too hot, it can damage your glassware and if the temperature is too low, it won’t clean your glasses properly. It is also important to use the right detergent for your glasswasher as using something that isn’t recommended can cause scratch marks and streak marks on your glassware.

Check what goes in the glasswasher

Some glasswashers do not work well with certain items such as crystal glassware, crockery and ashtrays. Always check your manufacturer’s guidance to see what kind of glasses you can or can not put into the glasswasher.

Make sure glasses are completely empty

Although glasswashers do a thorough job of cleaning they are not as powerful as a dishwasher, it is important to wipe off any lipstick stains from your glasses before loading. It is also important to make sure that all glasses are completely empty of anything that may cause any damage to the glasswasher – things like cocktail sticks and stirrers can end up getting caught in the pump and cause extensive damage to the machine.


Let the glasswasher work regularly

Do not interrupt the glasswasher whilst it is working. If you need a quick turnaround, some machines can clean in 60 seconds, but always allow the machine to run its natural cycle to avoid causing any damage to your glasswasher.


Leave the door open

It is good practise to leave the glasswasher door open overnight. This will prevent harmful bacteria from growing in the moist environment of the sealed glasswasher.


Regular maintenance

Make sure you don’t miss any regular maintenance appointments, as these help to maximise performance of your glasswasher and also avoid any unexpected repairs that can be costly in terms of both time and money. There are some tasks that you will be able to carry out yourself, but for the more complicated maintenance tasks, you will need to use a professional who has knowledge and experience in maintaining this type of equipment.


If you need expert information and guidance on choosing the right glasswasher for your business or if you need to schedule a maintenance appointment for your equipment, get in touch with our team today.