From your office to your home, air conditioning is most commonly thought of as a way to cool down indoor spaces. But did you know that air conditioners can also effectively heat a room?

Many people are not aware that a lot of air conditioning units can act as heat pumps that are capable of providing a higher output than their traditional heating systems. Not only this, but they do it whilst using less energy, making it a great way to reduce your energy bill at the same time as your carbon footprint!

At TKR, we offer Heat Pump Air Conditioning solutions and can even supply a free, no obligation survey and estimate. But first, here’s some more information about what they do:

How does it work?

A long story short, an air conditioner works by transferring heat from one side of the system (the inside) to the other side of the system (the outside). By reversing this process, the flow of heat within the system changes direction.

Put simply, instead of pushing the hot air outside, the air conditioning system will now push the cold air outside whilst pumping the warm air into the room.

Why should I choose Heat Pump Air Conditioning?

Not only are they more efficient than traditional central heating and portable heaters, they are easy to install, can be low maintenance and it reduces the need for more complex systems – you get heating and cooling from one unit!

Interested in getting Heat Pump Air Conditioning for your home or office? Get in touch today to find out more, Or if you want to know more about which one write choice for you heat pump or air conditioner then you can read out comprehensive Article On this topic