A medical refrigerator is one of the most important and essential pieces of equipment that any medical practice or pharmacy can have. Not only do hospitals and doctor surgeries rely on medical refrigerators, but for other areas of healthcare, they are essential as well.  This includes dentists, care and residential homes, private healthcare facilities and even vets.

Why is a medical refrigerator needed?

Certain medicines and vaccinations must be stored correctly and for some, this may mean they need to be stored at certain temperatures in refrigerated conditions. If they are not stored at the correct conditions required they are unable to be given to patients safely, meaning that patient care is impacted and can result in a large amount of money being wasted if the medicines are damaged or ruined.

Why can’t a normal refrigerator be used?

The features that come with a medical refrigerator provide a greater level of reliability when it comes to temperature control and have a greater level of security than just a normal fridge.

  • Temperature Control – Medical refrigerators come with extremely accurate temperature controls to ensure stability and reliability. This is essential for keeping medicines at exactly the right temperature they must be stored at.
  • Alarm Controlled – Medical fridges come with alarm controls fitted. The alarm will sound if the temperature has dropped or risen – acting as an early warning to stop the medicines from being damaged or ruined. The alarm controls can also be used if the door of the fridge has been left open accidentally – again providing that early alert to avoid damaged medicines.
  • High-Level Security – A medical refrigerator should come with a lock fitted to prevent people from getting in easily and stealing medication. Certain medication can be very valuable in financial terms, so keeping these items locked away safely lowers the risk of theft and the financial implications that may bring about.
  • Glass Fronted Door – Many medical fridges will be fitted with a glass-fronted door. This allows for the items inside the fridge to be seen clearly in terms of stock levels, meaning that the fridge does not need to be opened when it isn’t absolutely essential, again helping to maintain that all-important temperature control.

It is essential to correctly maintain your medical refrigerator, so it continues to operate without any issues. Regular cleaning is needed of all the external surfaces of the fridge at least once per day as well as internal cleaning which is recommended once per week. Annual servicing is also a must-do to ensure that all parts are working correctly.

At TK Refrigeration, our team of engineers can supply and install your medical refrigerator with as little disruption as possible. We also offer a full maintenance and service package to ensure you don’t experience any equipment breakdown. Contact our expert team today for your free, no-obligation survey and estimate.