As a retail business owner, you will understand the importance of how your products are displayed. The key to this is visual displays.

This is even true of refrigerated produce. Customers like to see what they are buying, which is also useful for items they can’t pick up like unpackaged meat, fish or cheese.

Advertise ‘Special’ Items

The positioning of your refrigerated display cabinets is crucial to getting a sale. Considering whether to place them at the start of their journey, or right by the check out. This could be the difference between a purchase or wasted stock.

Shop owners should place items they are keen to sell at customer eye level. Provide clear and vibrant signs that will entice the customer to look at what is on offer at a ‘special price’.

The same techniques can be used for new release products.

It’s important to remain consistent with the placement of these items, that way a customer will get used to where items are placed and can find them easily.



Utilising lighting is very important, especially if product is behind a cabinet door – even if that door is glass.

Placing LED lights inside refrigerated units can help draw customers attention to the produce inside. This highlights its presence.

The lighting of your store is also important here. If your display cabinet is pushed into a dark corner, it’s highly unlikely a customer will wander over to view the produce.


Vary the Sizes

Being smart with the size of the refrigeration unit may be even more crucial if you’re already limited on space.

The strategic planning of your store space means you are more likely to be able to capitalise on the available square footage and therefore maximise your profits.

An example of how to do this would be replacing a triple door unit with countertop units, placing your produce at that all important eye level.


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